On Saturday, CNN published an interesting article by a Christian leader directed to non-believers to help them understand why Christians are constantly asking them to attend church. The sum and substance of the article was to let the non-believer know that Jesus’ last words to His followers were to “Go and make disciples in all nations, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you, and to baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” When Christians ask a non-believer Read more [...]

The Road To Suffering-Meditations on the Stations of the Cross

ON THE ROAD TO SUFFERING REFLECTIONS ON THE STATIONS OF THE CROSS By Michael Faber First Station of the Cross: Jesus is condemned to death by Pilate Narrator: Jesus had been arrested by his enemies presented to Pilate and Herod and then Pilate again. Pilate had found no fault in Him, for truly He was innocent of all sin. Pilate had him scourged and beaten to please the crowds, but they were not satisfied. They demanded His death. Pilate could have released Him, but he was worried about his Read more [...]


Last night, I downloaded a very depressing document provided by my classmate Kyle Marx. It was a compilation of statistics showing the trouble Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular are having in the United States over the last generation. Suffice it to say, the statistics are dismal. For the Catholic Church, far more US born Catholics are leaving than coming, and in general ¾ of those departing are going to Evangelical Churches. The rest are leaving Christianity all together. Read more [...]


When I was growing up, I always understood from my Baptist upbringing that the earliest form of Christianity was the purest and then overtime, the Christian Church started to change its beliefs and add customs and traditions which distorted the earliest true teachings of Christ and the apostles. While it was difficult to put a finger on when the true message of Christianity got distorted, most agreed that it was around the time of Constantine when the Roman Imperial Court legalized Christianity and Read more [...]

Hope for the Poor

It has always been true in this world that there are many more poor people than rich people. The talented, the powerful and the good looking seem to accumulate the lion’s share of resources and wealth, while everyone else gets to share the scraps. This is true among individuals, and even true among countries. While this may be the rule of economics and political power, when it comes to spiritual blessings, the opposite seems to be true. God, perhaps aware of the inequities caused by man, has a Read more [...]


FEAR NOT! Have you ever been afraid? Have you ever had that moment when terror strikes you and you don’t know what to do? This weekend I sat with my daughter and watched back to back horror movies, Insidious 1 and Insidious 2. I will admit that they were a little scary, but at the age of 52, I spent more time analyzing the tricks of the movie makers to instill fear than being sucked into the feeling of terror myself. Two tricks they used, again and again were the use of darkness and surprise. Read more [...]


ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE…OR SHALL YE?                   One day, many years ago two ten-year-old boys were folding newspapers in preparation for their route.  Chuck suddenly announced, “I am going to win that brand new black and white TV the Church is raffling!” The TV was prominently displayed at a TV shop in the next town. It was the latest model and got many more channels than the family TV.                 “Really? We don’t get paid until this weekend, Read more [...]


A GOD OF SECOND CHANCES?                                 Who among us has not blown it big time in our lives; at least once? Who among us has not wished for a do-over or a second chance? Who has not wished we could go back in time, and do things differently to undo the harm caused by a wrong we committed? We have all seen the science fiction films where this is possible, but usually what results is worse than what was the hero was trying to prevent.                 Read more [...]


I have the privilege of knowing a young man named Spencer Stone, who achieved some fame when he and two of his friends stopped a terrorist from shooting up a train in France in August 2015. Spencer was seriously injured in the action to subdue the terrorist, but as his buddies were tying up the assailant, Spencer turned his attention to a passenger who was bleeding from the neck. Spencer came come and applied pressure to the wound which included a severed artery. Spencer, a young man of faith, Read more [...]


In the Declaration of Independence, it is declared, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Unfortunately, it seems to be life’s common experience that happiness is more often pursued than achieved. To some, happiness is like the pot of gold at the end of the leprechaun’s rainbow that keeps moving farther and farther Read more [...]